The National Adult Education Honor Society Induction         
                      Ceremony and Awards Dinner
The Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center held its annual National
Adult Education Honor Society Induction Ceremony and Awards Dinner
on May 8th, 2012 at the Atlantic Beach Club.  The mission of the National
Adult Education Honor Society is to provide meaningful recognition to
deserving adult education students, to improve student employment
opportunities, to develop student ambassadors for local adult education
programs and to create adult education awareness throughout Newport

Adult education teachers select honorees that have demonstrated
attendance in spite of personal circumstances, a cooperative attitude
toward others and self-reliance by demonstrating personal initiative
while performing school related tasks to the best of his/her abilities.  
Seventeen students were selected this year for induction into the
National Adult Education Honor Society.  Those students receiving
certificates and pins included:
Rosa Bannon, Inaja Camilo, Julio Carpio, Gitzel Gonzalez, Sabir Hussain,
Ada Lopez, Cynthia Mello, Ifeanyi Nwaehi, Juan Palencia, Megan
Palmborg, Martha Pleitez, Cathy Pritchett, Richard Schobert, Juvelina
Silva, Catherine Souavita, Leah Younger & Sefkat Zeren